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The Sound Doctor

The Sound Doctor is a website developed to help you understand your condition better so you can take control, cope well at home and get the most out of life. Each condition covered on the website consists of short films featuring key practical advice from some of the country’s leading experts.

The Sound Doctor contains useful tips from patients as well as clinical staff they also provide a chat room where people can come together and share stories and advice with other people who are going through the same. The goal is to keep you take control and get as much as you can out of life.

Conditions available include:

Ageing Well at Home

Back Pain

Children's Diet and Exercise


COPD Course



Diabetes Course

Heart Failure


Keeping Well at Work

Lifestyle Animations

Pelvic Floor Course

Stress and Relaxation

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Management Course

Working Age Wellbeing

Mental Health Course

Sleep Course

Smoking Cessation

See things that The Sound Doctor can help with
  • Hypertension

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